In the fall of 2022, I went on exchange to Stockholm University. I ended up at Stockholm University because I wanted to improve my Swedish language skills and I wanted to be able to live in Stockholm. There was no need to take language tests in Stockholm and there was a wide range of courses to choose from.

Finding an apartment was very challenging. I didn't get a student apartment, so I had to look for an apartment myself. In Stockholm, the housing market is really different compared to Finland; there are not many apartments available and they go really fast. Also, there are a lot of scammers out there. You should start looking for an apartment early. I found my own apartment on Facebook. It was located near the center and was a shared apartment.

Transport connections in Stockholm are great, so it doesn't hurt if you live further from the center. There are also a lot of all kinds of things to do in Stockholm, of which the free museums became one of the favorites of the exchange students. The downside in Sweden is that the price level is higher than in Finland.

Johanna Malmi 1

I studied in English. The level of teaching is roughly the same as in Finland. There was no compulsory attendance at the lectures. This made it possible for me to travel during my exchange. The courses involved a lot of group work, which helped to get to know both local and exchange students.

During the first month, both the university and the subject organization organized a variety of events where it was easy to meet new friends. In addition, the organizations organized various trips, of which I myself participated in the trip to Gotland.

In exchange, I made a lot of new friends from all over the world. In addition, my language skills in both English and Swedish improved. I am very glad that I dared to go!