Anneli W

"My experience in Canada, taught me that I should not be scared of going to new places, and that the language barrier can be defeated with a little bit of work and courage."

Benoit L

"I did a research exchange to Technical University of Denmark in Copenhagen from Université Laval, Canada. The culture and the history of Northern Europe are quite new for me, however discovering Denmark was the highlight of my trip!"

Daniel S

"Topics such as global warming, Arctic policies and the impact of westernization on Inuit people are playing an even more important role in the media, so I was convinced that I’d benefit from my stay in Greenland."

David B

"David Broome is an exchange student hailing from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, furthering his education in Geography and Geology at UiT."

Elena B

"She really enjoyed the year she was studying at Harstad University College. Now she is back in town – beaming with joy."

Floris D

"- I chose Harstad – a charming small town in Northern Norway – where I studied Advanced Marketing for four months, Floris Daenens tells his fellow students back home in Belgium."

Henrik T

"My name is Henrik Thomsen, I am 27 years old, and I am studying journalism i the University of Greenland, Nuuk. And I went to Tromsø on a study trip!"

Julie M L

"I can say it was a very challenging mobility exchange, however, I definitely acquired a lot of knowledge on European permafrost environment in the Arctic. This knowledge will help me in my PhD research and I will definitely apply what I have learned on the Arctic transport infrastructure during my time in Denmark and Greenland, in Canada."

Karolina P

"Specifically, the Arctic Studies program in Rovaniemi fueled a passion for Arctic areas, notably biology but including other facets such as indigenous people, resource management and the political activities amongst the many Arctic states."

Kristen P

"I certainly learned a lot at UNIS, and mostly in the outdoor classrooms. It was a great school to study the natural sciences, and would be that much better if you love to hike or explore nature. Anyone who is thinking of studying science in the north in geology, biology, geophysics, etc., should try to study there."

Lea-Maaria B

"An exchange period in Yakutsk is a spectacular possibility to see how strong, robust and treasured traditions connect with phenomena of the global world."

Liisa V

"Studying in cold and remote Yakutsk is not for everyone. But it can be an amazing experience for those who enjoy something challenging, different and interesting."

Mattieu C 

"Spending one semester abroad was the best decision I could have made. I did not just meet people from different countries, open my mind to different cultures, participate in the local traditions and studies in one of the best education system in the world, but I also realised what I wanted to do as a master."

Michael B

"I managed to tie together my two interests into an application for a Fulbright Grant, and now I am in Rovaniemi at the Arctic Center researching Finnish Arctic policy in a bid to see what lessons the US can learn from Finland’s unique approach to the Arctic."

Mike V

"I could tell much more about the whole trip, but I suggest all of you to just go and see for yourself. It is really a flabbergasting experience, a trip you will remember your whole life and tell about it to your grandchildren when you are old."

Mikkel Bue L

"The Arctic has a very special place in my heart, and even though I am ethnically Danish, going to the Northern wilderness feels like coming home."

Nadja J

"I am very glad that I had the opportunity to experience living in Lapland for three months of my life, and I believe it has contributed to my perspective of the Nordic countries."

Nooa N

"Personally, my understanding of the Northern way of life and Arctic culture grew enormously, and the experiences left lots of issues to be reflected after my return to my home country."

Ryan D

"Ryan Dunn, north2north exchange student at the University of Tromsø, explores resource management in the High North taking indigenous perspectives into account."

Sally R

"Through my master’s studies, I have become aware of a range of organisations with which I could pursue a career, and already by initial contact with one of these, it seemed that the mere fact of which study programme I was doing was opening doors for me."

Saryna B

"What could make studies more interesting than having classmates and teachers from different parts of the world? It was like having geography class as a bonus! I discovered new countries, cultures and languages. This was one of the most pleasant parts of my exchange."

Shawn J

"I enrolled in the north2north program to broaden my knowledge in a different culture and on different subjects than I was studying in Canada. This experience caused me to rethink my career, where I was going to live, and what I was going to do with my life."

Thomas B S 

"The greatest thing about studying abroad was, getting new friends from all over the world, and the possibility of someday seeing them again and possibly be working together in another part of the arctic."