Approximately half a year in the school, we had the opportunity to go on a study trip to Tromsø, Norway and Bruxelles, Belgium. The main topics were the Arctic Council, Nordic Council/ Nordisk Råd, and Greenland’s foreign affairs. Due to flight cancellations at the start of the trip, and people we were supposed to meet got sick, we missed some of the meetings, but overall we got what we came for.

UiT did a presentation, which partly included international student courses. We, from the University in Nuuk, Greenland, are taking a Bachelor in Journalism, had the opportunity to take a semester in ’Media’. We could take a semester in this course in the UiT.

The nice people at the Norwegian College of Fisheries Science also told us about Norwegian fishing, rules, inhabitants and the history. It was a great presentation, where we could see many of the similarities between the Norwegian and Greenlandic way of fishing, and what they have been through. Also possible places to improve fishery in Greenland, and by that I mean, that Greenland is going through some stuff Norway went through several years ago. How to devide the fishery between the bigger and the smaller fishermen through quotas and rules, and in some way, protect the smaller fishermen.

Though some of the presentation with the last couple of meetings from people from the Arctic Council had some of the same content, the amount of information given to us were great. It was about the structure, history and goals of the Arctic Council.

One thing I noticed in Tromsø, was that many people speak english, making it is easy for a person from outsite Norway to get by in the city. Norwegians are very helpful, so I think that students who come to here will have a pleasant stay. Also in our case, the nature is very similar to the Greenlandic nature, it is not so different, though we do not have trees like in Norway, it felt a little bit like being at home.

I would say, that after the meetings with the Arctic Council, the Norwigian college of fisheries science, and also the meeting with the people handling agreements with the international students, my view of the Arctic Council is much wider. The input I got after the meetings about the Arctic Council was good. The opportunity of asking questions has been great. Also meeting the people, who deal with the different issues is good.

Though I would not say the trip has changed my study plans, it was really nice visiting the different groups, and to see Norway for the first time. Norway is a very beautiful country, and I will definitely come to visit it again.

Our group was very glad to have been given this opportunity.

Greenlandic students at Tromso
Greenlandic students at Tromso


Published in 2014.