Warm welcome

- Welcome to Norway! I want to share my international experience with you, Floris writes on a Facebook-group for Howest-students that are interested in taking part in student exchange programmes.

- With my ERASMUS grant in the fifth semester, I chose to go to Harstad, Norway, a charming small town in Northern Norway. I felt heartly welcome and was well taken care of immediately after arrival – and stayed for four months, studying Advanced Marketing.

- I had a super stay there. In my student flat I had company of three Norwegian students – ideal way of getting intergrated and understanding the Norwegian way of living. You quickly discover that Norway is an expensive country, hoewever, soon you learn to find products with reasonable prices and can adjust your budget accordingly. The ERASMUS grant helped me to cover daily expenses and my rent.   

Lifelong friendship

- I really had all my expectations met at Harstad University College. It is an up-to-date institution, equipped with all necessary facilities – including a student tavern and canteen with the most beautiful view. The teaching language was English and my fellow students came from Denmark, Germany, France, Russia, Ghana, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Nepal.

- I got friends already from day one – contacts that grew and will turn into lifelong friendships. The follow-up of the international students from Harstad University College was very good. A number of excursions and activities were offered, as for us to get a chance to see as much as possible of Norway and the beautiful scenery. 

- Already in October we experienced the first snowflakes, and also; I saw the mysterious Aurora Borealis – or Northern Lights – for the first time in all its beauty. These four months were definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that gace me 1001 memories, friends and adventures.

Finally, a clear piece of advice to fellow students:

- If you want to apply for an ERASMUS grant and is resistant to minus-degrees, I can warmly recommend Norway! Just remember: there is no such things as bad weather, only bad clothing (a Scandinavian proverb… and my slogan).


Published in 2014.