Before my participation in the program I hadn’t even realized that my life would change so much. Firstly, I am not really afraid of public speeches anymore. And I also became more confident. Secondly, I practiced my English and Korean language skill that was very helpful to my future education. The most important was that I decided to improve myself further, to explore more, to start a new Arctic project for my university and to take part in such programs again.

For me, it was interesting very to take part in the 2nd Korea Arctic Academy. I liked every place that we visited during the program. But the most exciting and incredible were the Korea Maritime Museum and the Busan port because I am keen on Korean culture and history and study the development of the shipbuilding industry in South Korea. I also liked our trip to Seoul and especially visiting the Gyeongbokgung Palace. The palace is a mixture of traditions and modern world, the place where you can feel history in every step. This was my biggest dream to visit the palace.

Korea Arctic Academy definitely increased my awareness on Arctic issues, policies of different countries in the Arctic, environmental problems in the region and life of indigenous peoples of the North. I didn’t even realize that the Arctic region was so unique. I knew a lot and wanted to know even more. That is why I started my new research about South Korean and the European Union policy in the region to understand the current development of the region and to know the measures events that the sides organize in the region.


Published in 2016.