Who can apply and for what purpose?

Finnish citizens and citizens of other countries who live in Finland can apply for grants for the purpose of work performed predominantly in Finland. Only private individuals can apply for grants.

The Foundation awards individual working grants for doctoral dissertation finalization, early phase postdoc researchers, and for research visits related to the above. You can apply for a grant for your doctoral dissertation if the remaining work will not take longer than one year. You can apply for postdoctoral research grants if you defended your dissertation no more than three years ago.

The grant is intended for full-time work, performed during the calendar year that follows the year the grant was awarded. Grants are not awarded retrospectively. Grant work/project may not begin before the December of the year the grant was awarded. Grants are to be used within two years of the date when they were awarded. The usage period is calculated from the date the grant was awarded.

Applying for a grant

The application period is from 1 to 15 August 2022. The application period begins and ends at midnight Finnish time. Grants are applied via the Foundation’s online grant service. Grant applications can be created and sent in the grant online service only during the application period.

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