In this sense, the main goal of EU-PolarNet 2 is to create, based on the experience, connections and tools developed in the project, the permanent European Polar Coordination Office (EPCO) that will be in charge of the scientific/technical aspects in the Polar field and in general of the Polar strategy of the European Union.

One of the specific goal of EU-PolarNet 2 is the development of cooperation tools to strengthen European Polar coordination and to facilitate interaction among national Polar research programmes in Europe. One of the main planned tools is the Catalyst Platform that will improve the information flow within the European Polar community.

The Catalyst Platform will accommodate a continuous information exchange and an interactive room as a discussion forum for the Polar community to identify synergies and develop partnerships within Europe. It will also serve as catalyst where researchers, stake- and rightholders, industry, and others discuss new ideas and big collaborative initiatives involving several parties. This space will be divided into thematic areas and will become a repository of important deliverables and further information generated in EU-PolarNet and the EU Polar Cluster projects. In addition, the recorded webinars and relevant minutes from the EU Polar Cluster task group meetings will be also incorporated.

We invite you to the launching of The Catalyst Platform the next Thursday 30th of June at 12:00 CEST through the link below.

Join the Catalyst Platform launch here!