Program (please note that times shown are in UTC+2 i.e., Oslo time)

12:05 Opening
Prof. Bjørn R. Sørensen, Terje Nordvåg | UiT Narvik, Sintef Narvik

12:15 Comparative studies on guidelines and practices of buildings demolition
Dr. Iveta Nováková | UiT Narvik

12:35 Prevention of traditional demolition - new concepts for reused
Mr. Bård Arntsen |Sintef Narvik

12:55 Separation and concrete waste processing
Dr. Priyadharshini Perumal | UOulu

13:15 Break

13:25 Concrete up-cycling possibilities in the Arctic region
Dr. Iveta Nováková | UiT Narvik

13:45 Environmental analysis of concrete waste utilization – LCA study
Dr. Abhijit Mistri | UOulu

14:05 Ripple effects of the project in construction businesses
Mr. Bård Arntsen |Sintef Narvik

14:25 DeConcrete project remarks
Mr. Bård Arntsen, Dr. Iveta Nováková and Dr. Priyadharshini Perumal

14.45 Final word
Mr. Boy-Arne Buyle and Lahdenranta Marjaana Lapin liitto | UiT Narvik, Kolarctic CBC

14:55 End of the DeConcrete Closing Seminar

Seminar program

DeConcrete seminar can be attended online after free registration.  Register here.

DeConcrete project is part of the activities of the UArctic Thematic Network on Arctic Urban Planning and Design.