The University of Lapland specializes in research on change in the Arctic and the North. This strategic profile is supported by research on Arctic rights and natural resources that addresses legal regulation and its changes in the Arctic from various theoretical perspectives. Among the areas of interest are various types and forms of law (international, transnational and national) in the Arctic and the way in which they have changed in terms of multinational law and other legal-theoretical contexts.

The position of postdoctoral researcher is a fixed-term researcher and teacher position, whereas the position of university researcher is project-based. 

The university researcher will focus on research team leadership and on the acquisition of external funding. The postdoctoral researcher will advance his/her researcher career after finishing the doctoral thesis. Applications are processed by the university’s internal preparation team, which will propose that the selected person be appointed either as a university researcher or as a postdoctoral researcher.

The position of university researcher / postdoctoral researcher supports the university’s profiling action Arctic Rights and Natural Resources. The appointed person is required to participate in teaching and in the supervision of theses in this field.

The qualification requirements are stated in the Rules of Procedure of the University of Lapland (28 January 2013).

A person appointed to the position of university researcher is to have a doctor’s degree and research merits. The position of doctoral researcher presupposes a doctor’s degree and the ability to engage in scientific work. Both positions require sufficient teaching skills.

The university researcher is to demonstrate engagement in international scientific work and collaboration, while the postdoctoral researcher must show proof of independent scientific work.

At the University of Lapland, the language of instruction and examination is Finnish. The university may also decide on using another language of instruction, examination, and study performance (Universities Act 2009/558, section 11).

A person employed by the university in a teaching and research position is required to be proficient in the relevant teaching language (Government Decree on Universities 770/2009).

If a foreigner or a Finnish citizen who is non-native or who has not been educated in Finnish or Swedish applies for a teaching and research position, this person can be granted an exemption from the requirement concerning proficiency in Finnish and Swedish laid down in the Universities Act.

A foreigner or a non-native Finnish citizen to be selected for a teaching and research position can, when necessary, be required to learn Finnish to a reasonable degree within a certain time.

The language of instruction in the position of University Researcher / Doctoral Researcher of Arctic Law may be Finnish or English.

The application must include the following:

- contact information (address, phone number, email address)
- CV with teaching merits attached
- certified copies of degree diplomas
- copies of language diplomas, if not stated in the degree diplomas
- list of publications
- scientific and pedagogical activity, up to 3 pages
- date when the applicant can start in the position 
- research and publication plan, up to 10 pages The research plan is to specify the topic, materials, and methods of the research. The selection process concentrates on the quality and innovativeness of the research plan and on its relevancy in terms of Arctic law. 

The job-specific salary of the university researcher corresponds to levels 6–7 of the salary system for university teaching and research personnel (3340,77 €/month–3851,33€/month), and the postdoctoral researcher’s salary corresponds to levels 5–6 (2865,30 €/month–3340,77 €/month). In addition, the total salary includes a personal salary component amounting up to 46.3% of the job-specific component.    

The position is located at the Arctic Centre.


Deliver your application no later than 31 October 2016 (by 13:00) to the following address: Lapin yliopisto, PL 122 (Kirjaamo, Yliopistonkatu 8), 96101 Rovaniemi. The application documents will not be returned to the sender. 

The internal preparation team writes a proposal to the Rector of the university on the person to be selected.

Further information: Director of the Arctic Centre Timo Koivurova and Head of Administration Kaisa Kangas.