11 supported projects were initiated by the following members of the University of the Arctic:

  1. University of Lapland (FI)
  2. Syktyvkar State University (RU)
  3. Syktyvkar Forest Institute (RU)
  4. UiT The Arctic University of Norway (NO)
  5. University of Oulu (FI)
  6. University of Tampere (FI)
  7. Murmansk State Technical University (RU)
  8. Aalborg University (DK)
  9. Stockholm University (SE)
  10. University of Oslo (NO)
  11. Northern (Arctic) Federal University (RU)
  12. Northern State Medical University (RU)
  13. Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FI)
  14. Nord University (NO)
  15. University of Helsinki (FI)
  16. Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia (RU)
  17. University of Eastern Finland (FI)
  18. Murmansk Arctic State University (RU)
  19. Saint Petersburg State University (RU)
  20. University of Copenhagen (DK)

You can find more information about SIU programs on the website.