The seminar should last 3-4 days with participation of young scientists from Russia and the UK. Number of young scientists from Russia participating in the workshop has to be equal to the number of young scientists from the UK.

The project has to include a seminar on topics related to the following areas:

  • mathematics, mechanics and computer science;
  • physics and astronomy;
  • chemistry and materials science;
  • biology;
  • Earth sciences;
  • information and communication technologies and computer systems;
  • fundamentals of engineering sciences.

The project may be interdisciplinary.

The project has to be mutually coordinated by two individuals - a scientist from the UK and a scientist from Russia.

Application to the contest has to be made in the RFBR information system and then presented to the RFBR in a printed form.

If you have any questions, please contact:

- In the RFBR: Asya Mirzabekova +7(499) 995-14-69; e-mail:

- In the British Council: Igor Isakov  +7(495) 287-18-08; e-mail:

For more information about the contest please visit the RFBR website (in Russian).