Also projects that convey and produce new knowledge about the effect of greenhouse gases and air pollution on health, environment and climate are supported.

Projects are expected to contribute to relevant changes towards greater energy efficiency, reduced environmental impact and lower emissions and levels of air pollution. A wide and effective dissemination of project results for politically relevant target groups should be included in the project process.

Applications must involve a minimum of three Nordic countries including Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Greenland, Åland Islands, Finland and the Faroe Islands and it is recommended that applications show a good geographical variety of participation. Applications with participants from Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland or Åland are encouraged. Applicants from other countries may also participate in the project.

The added value of carrying out the project under Nordic auspices instead of carrying out the project nationally or bilaterally must be demonstrated. Applicants are requested to consider the need for a gender perspective in the project and that this is reflected in the application. Co-financing from other working groups and other possible funding sources is encouraged.

For more information, see the call announcement.