The northern lights: Magical and mystical and one of the most fascinating natural phenomenons we have. This beautiful display have sparked curiosity, fear and excitement. But what can they tell us about our planet, the sun and our world? What are myth and what is modern science? Pål Brekke, an international recognized solar physicist, working for many years at NASA is known for great presentations, free of text and full of image – and a whole new technique showing true recording (not composed stills) of this great display.

This is a brilliant presentation about the Northern Lights - one of natures biggest wonders. Join a breathtaking journey from ancient myths to early science. How the norwegian scientist Kristian Birkeland solved this mystery and how we today can predict when and where it will appear. The Northern lights is Norway's biggest tourist attraction at the moment. For the first time on a TEDx-event show "real-time" video of the aurora - something that just very recently was possible with new innovating camera-technology. All previous videos have been made up from a series of still images.

Pål Brekke is an international recognized solar physicist and public outreach expert with many years at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. In particular his multimedia lectures have been acclaimed around the world.

Link to the TEDx talk video: Youtube

More information and the trailer: Solarmax