The main aims of the course are:

  • to develop an understanding of ice as a natural material, e.g. an understanding of ice properties and features and the ways and techniques that ice is measured and/or observed in the lab and in nature;
  • to expand the knowledge about the influences of ice on ships, coastal and offshore structures.

 The Winter Course introduces students to problems of ice mechanics and gives experience to work with scientific equipment in laboratory and in field conditions. The course includes lectures about basic concepts of ice mechanics and ice interactions with offshore structures and ships. More information about FEFU and the Winter Course you can find here.

Language: English

To participate please download the application form and the visa application form and send the forms to ICE@DVFU.RU 

Deadline for application: 1 December, 2015

Contact persons:

Alexey Shmikov,

Andrey Baenkhaev,