Although the Winter Olympics are taking place closer to the 49th parallel than the Arctic Circle, the North has been strongly represented. The Inukshuk design of the official emblem, the strong role of Canada's aboriginal people in the Games, and the presence of many northern athletes competing have brought a strong northern...

20-21 April 2010Hammerfest, NorwayThe most relevant meeting place in the North regarding oil & gas activity, industrial and business opportunities, framework conditions and energy politics.

Biennial International Seminar Series 27-28 May 2010 Lister Conference Center, Maple Leaf Room University of Alberta, Edmonton AB Canada"Geopolitical and legal aspects of Canada’s and Europe’s northern dimensions"

Welcome to the first edition of Arctic Monitor, an online resource providing weekly updates on developments across the Arctic region. Arctic Monitor is circumpolar in scope, reporting on environmental, indigenous, economic and social issues that involve or affect the people of the North.

The first edition of the Arctic Portal newsletter was published in February 2010. The newsletter includes a feature on our collaboration with Arctic Portal to develop the next version of the UArctic Atlas.

The newsletter will be published on a quarterly basis and is intended to give users of the Arctic Portal further insights into the work of the Arctic Portal, as well as it's partners within the Arctic Portal Community.