Study in Greenland

Although formally part of the Kingdom of Denmark, Greenland is governed autonomously by its home rule government. 

Studying in Greenland means studying from the Arctic desert landscapes in the far North, with its distinct cultural and climatic diversity, viewing the northern lights during the winter and midnight sun in the summer. Greenland is the world's largest island and the country with the lowest population density in the world.

Greenland is an exciting destination with unique nature, climate, culture and spirituality.

The languages of instruction are primarily Danish and Greenlandic, but more courses are becoming available in English.

A new international and interdisciplinary master's programme West Nordic Studies, Governance and Sustainable Management is being developed with other regional partners to be offered from 2015.

UArctic has three members located in Greenland: Ilisimatusarfik/University of Greenland, Greenland Institute of Higher Education and Perorsaanermik Ilinniarfik/College of Social Education. In addition, the Arctic Technology Centre of the Technical University of Denmark offers studies in Sisimiut, Greenland.

For more information about visiting Greenland, vist their international travel page or the Government of Greenland website.