How do I become a student at UArctic?

UArctic does not have our own students. In order to participate in the majority of our programs, students must be registered at any one of our member institutions. If you are not registered at one of these institutions, but still wish to take courses or programs, you could apply as a part-time or visiting student at one of our institutions.

Where is UArctic located?

UArctic is a membership network of universities, colleges, research institutes, and other kinds of organizations, not a higher education institution itself. The UArctic International Secretariat is based at the University of Lapland, in Rovaniemi, Finland, and other administrative offices are hosted by other members across the region.

Is UArctic a degree-granting institution?

No, UArctic is not a degree-granting institution. It is a network or other institutions who are involved in higher education and research in the Circumpolar North. Each institution sets their own admission and degree requirements.

What is the Circumpolar Studies Program?

The Circumpolar Studies program (BCS) is a comprehensive undergraduate program designed to provide the student with a strong knowledge of the peoples, environments, and contemporary issues of the Circumpolar North. The program consists of an introductory course, six core courses, and several advanced emphasis options

What is the north2north program?

The north2north student exchange program gives students an opportunity to experience another part of the North firsthand by studying at another UArctic institution. Preference for north2north exchanges is given to students participating in UArctic programs and other programs with a northern focus.