Travel and Tourism Management

The online programme offers an introduction to travel and tourism management, the phenomena of tourism and the tourism business. Heritage, cultural tourism and eco-tourism are other important topics of interest for tourism industry in vulnerable areas. Tourism is also about how to run the business at a sustainable way, and topics as business administration, strategic planning and service marketing is included in the programme.

This is a joint online tourism programme based on a cooperation between the following three partners: UiT's Harstad campus, Northern Arctic Federal University (Russia) and Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Finland). Each of the three partners are responsible for teaching 15 ECTS, and all teaching is net-based.

The aim of the programme is to provide the students with an understanding of how the travel and tourism industry works, and to acquire knowledge of important topics for the industry today and in the future in order to develop a sustainable travel and tourism industry for the environment, the local communities and the economy.

The programme targets students who are studying or who wish to study travel and tourism, as well as people who are already working within this field. The programme is also suitable for students who want to complete their bachelor’s degree with 60 ECTS in an international programme. This is a part time programme of study yielding 60 ECTS over a period of three semesters and, as such, is suitable both for students working in the industry or completing at other programmes of study.

Program details

UArctic endorsedUArctic Endorsed
Academic level(s)Bachelor
Language of instructionEnglish
InstitutionUiT The Arctic University of Norway
Fields of studyManagement and administrationTravel, tourism and leisure
Tagstourismjoint programmeonline studiestravel
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