Responsible Design of Interactive AI-Systems

Addressing societal challenges in collaboration with external organisations in the Arctic as the rural perspectives come into the picture.

This advanced level course is aimed to deepen knowledge and skills in design methodology for responsible development of interactive, intelligent systems and environments with focus on  human-centered artificial intelligens (AI), and in theories for Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) theory and new technology for interacting and collaborating with intelligent software agents and environments. The course builds upon research and theories developed in the intersection of AI and HCI, with special focus on socio-technical systems embedding AI, human-AI collaboration and related ethical and social aspects. Some of the core questions in focus during the course will be


<LI>How are we going to collaborate with AI technology in the future?
<LI>What happens with control and autonomy when the system learns and changes behaviour over time?
<LI>How do we design an interactive, intelligent system in such a way that we embed into the system mechanisms for weighing together different stakeholders values in multicultural contexts (e.g. moral and ethics), as well as explaining its reasoning and guarantee transparency? and
<LI>How do we embed a continuing responsible and participatory design process throughout the use of intelligent and collaborative systems?

Course details

Academic level(s)Master
Language of instruction
InstitutionUmeå University
Begin date15.01.2024
End date19.03.2024
Registration deadline16.10.2023
ECTS credits7.5
Field schoolNo
Fields of studyComputer science
Teaching placeUmeå
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