The "UArctic and the United States" report is available here.

In autumn 2021 the University of Lapland and the US Embassy in Helsinki formed a cooperation agreement in recognition of 20 years since the Launch of UArctic at the University of Lapland in June 2001. The agreement established the American Arctic Connection between the University of Lapland and the US Embassy in Helsinki. One of the activities planned under the American Arctic Connection was a US intern working at the University of Lapland to enhance ties between the University of Lapland and the United States, primarily focused on Arctic expertise and UArctic members in the US.

Covid-19 slowed this commencement of the internship program somewhat, but in March 2023 University of Lapland and its UArctic International Secretariat welcomed Chloe Kiernicki to Rovaniemi. This report was produced by Chloe during her internship and is based on information she was able to pull out from the UArctic International Secretariat records and databases as well as from various UArctic offices that coordinate UArctic activities.

Several universities from the United States were actively involved in the very creation of UArctic, and the US membership has grown steadily both in Alaska and in the Lower 48. We hope that this report can serve as a stimulator for discussion in the US about deepening the US engagement also at the federal level.

The University of Lapland and UArctic are deeply grateful to the US Embassy in Helsinki for making this report possible through the funding of the American Arctic Connection at the University of Lapland.