The Nordic AHA-Communities project unites core researchers and stakeholders from the University of Oulu, Thule Institute (Finland), Luleå University of Technology (Sweden), and University of Iceland, Department of Physiotherapy, to create an expert network and identify barriers and enablers of inclusive and safe outdoor environment and public spaces for older people (70+) residing long months in winter conditions. The project team will disseminate findings on making life of older persons more inclusive in the remote settlements of the Nordic Arctic to the relevant stakeholders.

Coordinator and Lead Dr. Anastasia Emelyanova (TN Vice-Lead and Arctic Five Chair in Healthy Ageing and One Health) was happy to learn that such continuation of the teamwork was supported by the funder. The project will follow earlier successfully completed activities (1) Nordic Council of Ministers funded project in 2020-2022 "Indigenous and non-indigenous residents of the Nordic-Russian region: Best practices for equity in healthy ageing (NORRUS-AGE)". (2) TN members worked on the "healthy ageing" theme within the Northern Dimension Institute ThinkTank Action project, 2018-2022, (3) TN members contributing to the TN on "Ageing and Gender in the Arctic" project “AGE-Arctic”, 2020-2023.

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