LiLa is a multidisciplinary summer school and it is organized annually with ASAD Thematic Network network (Arctic Sustainable Arts and Design). This year including partners from Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK, Scotland, Alaska and Yukon. Each country can have 6 students in the school. Credits are given from University of Lapland in a type of international exchange, to facilitate MA students who wants their credits registered. 

LiLa is divided in two parts: online lectures and seminars (5 ECTS) and onsite fieldwork week (5 ECTS), which this year is in Umeå and High Coast. Students can participate in one or both parts, if your university has funding for travelling. Learn more about the set up below. 

The central themes of the summer school are cultural, ecological and social sustainability and posthuman issues related to the circumpolar North’s sociocultural environments and the various expressions of Northern culture and nature. These are approached through multidisciplinary research methods, for instance the arts, handicrafts and nature sciences through living in and exploring the culture and environment in different location participating the school.

The focus of the school is on the encounters between traditions and modern times: traditional forms of culture and contemporary practices are brought to dialogue and work as materials for the school. The landscapes are explored and interpreted with culturally sensitive and new materialistic investigations and artbased processing.

Lecture and seminar, 5 ECTS, Online
  • Pre-assignment: pre-reading (Ingold)
  • Active participation and completion of group assignments
  • Visual essay on landscapes based on own field of study and multidisciplinary approaches
Fieldwork, 5 ECTS, Onsite
  • Week 21, 2023
  • In Umeå and High Coast, Sweden
  • Assignments
  • Collaboration with local museums
Preliminary Schedule
  • First and second seminar in March (á 6 hours in the afternoons) ONLINE
  • Third and fourth seminar in April (á 6 hours in the afternoons) ONLINE
  • Fieldwork in the week 21, Umeå and High Coast, Sweden ONSITE
  • Critique seminars for art-based productions end of August ONLINE 
  • Exhibition opening and Publication launch November 2023 VIRTUAL and ON-SITE

Lotta Lundstedt, Associate professor at Department of Creative Studies (Teacher Education), can answer questions and accept applications from Sweden until March 12, 2023. For other countries please contact: 

Read more information here.