As a student from Aalborg University Emil is enrolled in a Master's degree called Culture, Communication and Globalization. The degree presents students with the opportunity to specialize in Arctic Studies, which allows Emil to combine his interests in the Arctic area with elements of communication. It is through these studies that he was presented with the opportunity to do an internship and thus to become the new intern at the UArctic International Secretariat.

The Arctic Studies program was a key interest for why Emil chose this particular study and since embarking on the first two semester's worth of courses, his interest in the Arctic area has only increased. Through these studies he got to know more about the region's complicated history as well as the multifaceted range of opportunities and difficulties that it faces today. For Emil, these studies awakened a passion for wanting to work with the Arctic region in the future.

As an intern at UArctic Emil will learn more about issues related to the Arctic area outside of the classroom, as well as get invaluable experience working in an office and assisting with the International Secretariat's communication, among other things, all of which will benefit his professional and personal development.

Living and working in Rovaniemi will furthermore not only give Emil the chance to get a better understanding of Finnish culture first-hand, it will also allow him to pursue some of his spare time passions for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing and skiing, as the city and the surrounding area offer plenty of open-air experiences.