The Arctic region has many diversities — be they cultural, environmental, geographical or societal. In addition, the distances between our inhabitants bring challenges to cooperation between its peoples. To overcome these challenges, UArctic creates cooperation between universities and other organizations in the Arctic. 

UArctic’s Thematic Networks address critical issues in the Arctic region. To explain  how Thematic Networks operate we produced short video interviews with the network leads why the Arctic is important to them, and why they are committed to working together. They also reflect on the importance of UArctic and the necessity to further cooperation in the Arctic, and also share how the current pandemic has affected their work.

This first set of videos gives a broad overview to the variety of Thematic Networks. The next sets of videos will be shared over the coming months through the UArctic website. The full set of interviews is already available on our Vimeo account.


Kirsi Latola, Vice-President networks

Kirsi Latola, Vice-President Networks from UArctic on Vimeo.

Vice-President Networks, Kirsi Latola from the University of Oulu, explains the role of UArctic Thematic Networks and their importance. She talks about her personal experience, her passion about the Arctic and how COVID-19 has forced her to adapt her way of working.


Greg Poelzer, Thematic Network on Renewable Energy

Thematic Network on Renewable Energy from UArctic on Vimeo.

Greg Poelzer, from the University of Saskatchewan and lead of the Thematic Network on Renewable Energy, explains how relations with Indigenous people of the North have been renewed and developed while trying to implement renewable energy sources in the region. Moreover, the Arctic is positioned as a pioneer in the renewable energy sector and could be a model for other parts of the world.


Paul Berkman, Thematic Network on Science Diplomacy

Thematic Network on Science Diplomacy from UArctic on Vimeo.

Paul Berkman, from the Harvard Law School and lead of the Thematic Network on Science Diplomacy, points out how UArctic has an important role to play in the cooperation between peoples of the Arctic as it connects its scholars and helps them work hand in hand to avoid conflicts through inclusive interdisciplinary work. 

UArctic was established to build opportunities for cooperation across the borders and boundaries between universities and other organizations across the Circumpolar North. Thematic Networks are platforms and tools for joint activities on relevant Arctic topics -  issues that require focussed attention from different disciplinary perspectives.