• Circumplar perspective
  • Lectures by leading scientists and practitioners in the field
  • Online discussion sessions with instructors
  • Active student engagement and collaboration through modern e-learning facilities


  • Current status of water and sewer service in the Arctic
  • Environmental impacts of water and sewer in the Arctic
  • Climate change and WASH
  • Indigenous knowledge and WASH
  • Health and risk assessment of water and sewer in the Arctic
  • Technology: experience and developments

Confimed lectureres:

Level: BSc or MSc depending of the final assignment

Workload and credits: 5 ECTS or 3 Credits 120 hours


  • Video recorded lectures to watch when it fits your time zone
  • Individual assignments with peer feedback
  • Quizzes
  • Online discussions with professors scheduled to fit the full range of time-zones represented

Enrollment Deadline 25th of April 2021.

For more information see Summer course call 2021 (PDF).