The conference took place on April 13-14th, 2021 and gave the opportunity to its participants to digitally gather around some critical issues. During this conference, parlementarians reminded of the importance of minimizing the destructive effects of climate change in the North. They also highlighted the necessity to keep this area free from any type of conflict and to support a sustainable development in the region. Moreover, an emphasis was put on Northern youth and the invaluable need to cooperate in order to offer the best future possible to indigenous and non-indigenous communities of the North.

To do so, governments from the Arctic were called to strengthen scientific collaboration and develop the knowledge base. Multiple organizations were named out in order to move in this direction and The University of the Arctic was highlighted for its multidisciplinary approach and the diversity of programs offered. 

An extended support to the north2north funding was also mentioned as a priority in order to enhance the mobility of young people living in the Arctic. 

Furthermore, the Conference complimented the University of the Arctic as follows:

“We congratulate the University of the Arctic, UArctic, with its 20th anniversary and take pride in having supported the creation and its successful development since the inception.”

Read the final statement here.