We are looking for a postdoctoral fellow to join the EU-project “Drivers and Feedbacks of Changes in Arctic Terrestrial Biodiversity (CHARTER)”. The project is an ambitious effort to advance the adaptive capacity of Arctic communities to climatic and biodiversity changes through state-of-the-art synthesis based on thorough data collection, analysis and modelling of Arctic change with major socio-economic implications and feedbacks. CHARTER involves 21 research institutions across nine countries and is led by the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland.

In CHARTER, the postdoc will primarily work with topics on Arctic biodiversity and transitions in land cover and the cryosphere related to direct and indirect impacts of major drivers of change over decadal time scales using mainly existing datasets collected on the ground and through remote sensing (mainly work packages 1 and 2 in CHARTER). Research topics will include:

  • herbivory, and relationships between different herbivores in tundra ecosystems
  • predator community composition/changes
  • climatic and environmental changes driving rapid vegetation transitions with impacts on local communities and nature-based industries

CHARTER has a strong focus on involving various stakeholders, including reindeer herders and managers, and in communicating with public authorities on multiple levels. The postdoc will be involved in communication with stakeholders and authorities.

You can find more information and the link to the application portal here.

Deadline for applications is March 3, 2021.

For more information please contact Dorothee Ehrich (dorothee.ehrich@uit.no), Hans Tømmervik (hans.tommervik@nina.no) or Jarle Bjerke (jarle.bjerke@nina.no).