The Climate Change Institute will host a multi-day virtual conference to discuss ground-penetrating radar, airborne radar, related technologies, and software use and needs within the polar community.

The virtual conference is planned for February 2022, with exact dates still to be determined. Deadline to submit input is December 15, 2021.

The focus of this conference is to address:

  • Current and future science and logistical drivers which may require or benefit from radar hardware and software;
  • Current commercial (off-the-shelf), modified, and user-specific radar systems available to the science community;
  • Ongoing radar technology research and design;
  • Equipment and software community access;
  • Radar education and training needs and options; and
  • Facilitating radar usage in the broader science and logistics community.

In addition, this conference aims to address the specific need for radar within the polar community including, but not limited to, glaciology, permafrost and periglacial environments, sea ice, geology, and geomorphology.

Organizers welcome input via this online questionnaire. This information will help to organize this conference to best fit the needs of the community.

To submit input, go to:
Interest poll webpage