The 11th edition of NUNAMED, Movement in Health - Culture, health and a good life / Kulturi, peqqissusseq & inuunerissuunerl, is a conference on medicine and health in Greenland, which will be held from September 30 until October 2, 2022, in Nuuk. The Greenland Medical Association, Peqqissaasut Kattuffiat (Greenland Nursing Organization), the Greenland Medical Association and the Greenland Institute of Health Research are pleased to invite you to participate.



Since 1991, NUNAMED conferences took place approximately every three years, and have been held with 200-250 participants, mainly from Greenland and Denmark. In 2003, NUNAMED was held as part of ICCH12, with participants from all over the Arctic region and from the Scandinavian countries. Since 2003, the number of participants from countries outside Greenland and Denmark has been increasing. 

The purposes of the NUNAMED congresses are:

  • To present current Greenlandic medical research results,

  • To put current Greenlandic medical research issues up for debate in an interdisciplinary forum in Greenland,

  • To promote collaboration on health research in Greenland between professional groups and between health districts.

In connection with NUNAMED 2022, a PhD course will be held on September 27-29, 2022. 

A pre-competition "Præ-Nunamed" is planned for April 2022, for younger Greenlandic researchers living in Denmark. The three best presentations are awarded with grants for participation in NUNAMED 2022.


Invitation poster


The conference language is Danish/Scandinavian, however workshops in both English, Greenlandic and Danish are planned.

The PhD Summer School will be held in English. Presenters of PhD projects from the Summer School and presenters who do not speak Danish or Greenlandic are invited to present in English.


The partecipation involves a partecipation fee of 4,000 DKK, which lowers to 1,000 DKK for students (PhD students excluded). Registration for NUNAMED 2022 and payment can be done online on the registration page in

Deadline for submission of abstracts is August 15, 2022.


For more information on the program, registration, abstract submission, travel and accommodation please visit