Polynya will illuminate polar research and achievements by those who identify as women and those who were designated female but self-identify differently across all races and ethnicities, with a particular focus on Indigenous scientists, knowledge holders, and artists. Published four times a year, they are working with school districts, public libraries, and afterschool programs to freely distribute the magazine in 2021 to middle school students. 

In order to be featured, they ask that you please fill out this short Google Form below with a few questions about your professional journey, your work, and what you do for fun: https://forms.gle/e3NWgqrkVV4VCj8o6. Their volunteer team will help create a draft article about you, which we will send to you for review before publication. If you have any questions please email them at polynyamagazine@gmail.com. They want girls to see themselves in every corner of the polar community and are excited to feature you as part of that effort.