The Arctic research conference, Polar Research Day, will be held in Nuuk on December 4, 2019. Up until now, it has been arranged in Denmark, but from 2019 the conference has a permanent home in Greenland among the Greenlandic research community and public.

Alongside the one-day conference, several additional science events – GSW Events – are planned and organized so that the conference, a public outreach day, themed workshops, seminars and networking activities make up the Greenland Science Week. The GSW Events play an important part in broadening and deepening the scope of the Greenland Science Week, and present a unique possibility to meet and network with a broad range of researchers, business community, government employees and society in an Arctic context. The GSW Events can be organized by individual research institutions or scientists as a science-related add-on to the conference and public outreach day. The GSW Events are funded by the respective organizers, and any participant can organize and finance a GSW Event as long as it has a science-related content. Deadline for registration of GSW events is September 16, 2019.

Preliminary overall program for Greenland Science Week:

Monday, December 2: workshops, seminars & networking activities
Tuesday, December 3: workshops, seminars & networking activities
Wednesday, December 4: Polar Research Day Conference
Thursday, December 5: public outreach day and networking activities

The detailed program is still under development, as are the themes for the various workshops and seminars being planned. The most up-to-date information is available on the GSW webpages

Where: Katuaq Culture House, Nuuk, Greenland
Dates: December 1–5, 2019
Registration Fee: 1500 DKR (covers Main Event participation December 3-5) + 200 DKR (dinner) (optional)

Registration opens in fall 2019.

Greenland Science Week is organized by Ilisimatusarfik, AAU Arctic, Sermersooq Municipality and Greenland Perspective.