The seminar will address a diversity of topics in accordance with the TN’s aims, which are:
Taking point of departure in sustainability in an Arctic resources context, TN ASRSR aims at contributing to an enhanced understanding of what social responsibility as a practice that may be exercised by different organisations means. We work to enhance interdisciplinary communication and knowledge-sharing of insights from social and natural sciences and the humanities for the above purpose. The TN is envisaged to operate dynamically as a building ground for knowledge sharing, course design, and bringing research-based knowledge to relevant actors in the circumpolar Arctic, depending on financial, human and other resources available to the TN. Educating the next generation of experts and decision-makers in Arctic resources is a significant element of the goal.

The seminar is conceived as an opportunity for the scholars from Russia and elsewhere who are not currently members of the TN to engage with TN ASRSR. While presentations may cover the entire (Sub-)Arctic, the organisers particularly welcome contributions on the Russian Arctic and Sub-Arctic. The organisers encourage scholars who would be interested in sharing research with the TN topics and expand their network in the field to submit short abstracts (250-500 words) setting out the topic of their proposed presentation. Abstracts be structured as follows:

  • Title
  • Overall issue within the topics addressed by the TN
  • (Sub-)national, regional or circum-polar perspective addressed (please specify)
  • Academic discipline(s) informing the presentation/paper
  • Author’s name, e-mail contact address, and affiliation
  • Research question and brief summary of key issue investigated, hypothesis (if any), method, and findings.

The organisers are considering a possibility of publishing the materials after the seminar. All registered participants will be informed about the requirements for papers and other details according to the publication option chosen.

Abstract submission and deadline: Please send your abstract to George Varlamov ( and Karin Buhmann ( by 15 May 2019. Abstracts will be reviewed by the steering committee of TN ASRSR. The organizers will revert concerning acceptance around mid-May.

Mobility support: The TN will cover accommodation and meal expenses for participants. In addition, the TN is able to provide limited support for travel expenses, based on motivated applications. Those wishing to apply for funding should submit an application with a detailed budget of expected expenses (including how much will be covered by the applicant’s own institution or research funds) in a separate word-file (no more than one page) along with the abstract (same deadline).

See the tentative seminar programme here.

More information on TN ASRSR is available here. (see also link to detailed information at the bottom of the page).