As has become the norm for Relate North events, scientific presentations take place in parallel with art exhibitions and workshops. The theme of the symposium, Tradition and Innovation in Art and Design Education highlights the benefits and challenges of merging northern and Arctic eco-social cultures with contemporary arts and design practices and emphasizes the need for cooperation and collaboration between academic institutions, local communities, museums, cultural centres and business. A key focus will be on ways that art and design can contribute to ecological, social, cultural and economic sustainable development in the North and the Arctic. Presentations from Circumpolar North from Russia to Alaska will address vital concerns of initiatives of art and design education.

ASAD is one of the most active Thematic Networks of the University of Arctic, with a membership that includes 26 Arctic Universities from eight countries. The network aims to identify, support and disseminate best practice and research in Arctic art, art education and design. For more information visit the ASAD website.

For more information contact: 
Timo Jokela
Lead of the Thematic Network on Arctic Sustainable Arts and Design
Either by e-mail or phone +358 7396034