2020 IASC Fellowship Program

The IASC Fellowship Program is meant to engage early-career scientists in the work of the IASC Working Groups (WGs): Atmosphere, Cryosphere, Marine, Social & Human, and Terrestrial. Each year, one Fellow per WG is chosen, so 5 IASC Fellows in total.

IASC Fellows are doctoral or postdoctoral researchers who actively participate in selected activities of the IASC WGs. Fellows are expected to contribute scientifically and also to help organize specific activities and to help with reporting to the IASC Secretariat. Thus, the Fellowship Program provides the opportunity for ECSs to become involved in leading-edge scientific activities at a circumarctic and international level, to build an international network, and also to develop management skills. The level of involvement very much depends on the Fellow's interest - the more you invest, the more you get out of it!

The total duration of the IASC Fellowship Program is 1+2 years. Bookending their first year, the Fellows will receive travel support to attend two consecutive Arctic Science Summit Weeks (ASSWs) where the annual WG meetings are held. After this year, Fellows have the opportunity to stay involved for up to 2 more years without dedicated funding support from IASC. Note: The travel support during the first Fellowship year is the only financial remuneration for the Fellows. Salary is not included during the Fellowship.

IASC Required Travel

During their appointment, IASC Fellows will be expected to attend the following meetings:

  • Arctic Science Summit Week 2020 (27-30 April 2020; Akureyri, Iceland)

  • Arctic Science Summit Week 2021 (19 – 26 March 2021; Lisbon, Portugal)

For more information on the IASC Fellowships please see the IASC website or contact the IASC Fellowship Coordinator Alevtina Evgrafova (alevtina.evgrafova@gmail.com) or the APECS Executive Director Gerlis Fugmann info@apecs.is


CAFF-IASC Science-Policy Fellowships

The CAFF-IASC Science-Policy Fellowships were created to help early- to mid-career professionals build experience and advance understanding of the science-policy interface. We are looking for two CAFF-IASC Fellows. In cooperation with CAFF and IASC, fellows will identify a joint area of interest and expertise, participate in and contribute to CAFF’s work, and produce a culminating deliverable to enrich decision-making in their chosen field.

This year's areas of interest are:

  • The Arctic Migratory Birds Initiative (AMBI): The Arctic Migratory Birds Initiative (AMBI) is a project designed to improve the status and secure the long-term sustainability of declining Arctic breeding migratory bird populations. AMBI works with many partner countries and organisations to support and initiate actions that target priority species and conservation issues across multiple flyways. In 2021 AMBI will undergo a Mid-Term Evaluation. See here for more info: https://caff.is/ambi or contact courtney@caff.is.
  • Coastal Ecosystem Steering Group (CEMG) of the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program (CBMP): The CEMG is starting implementation of the Arctic Coastal Biodiversity Monitoring Plan which will synthesize and assess the status and trends of Arctic coastal biodiversity as a contribution to international conventions and agreements on biodiversity conservation; providing policy and decision-makers with comprehensive information on the status and trends of Arctic coastal biodiversity. This Coastal Plan is the Arctic Council’s first initiative to develop a platform that will support a co-production of knowledge approach, and an important step towards bringing together Traditional Knowledge (TK) and science into the assessment, planning and management of Arctic biodiversity. See here for more info: https://caff.is/coastal or contact tom@caff.is.

The duration of the CAFF-IASC Fellowships will be one year. Each Fellow will begin by attending the Arctic Science Summit Week 2020, March 27-April 2 in Akureyri, Iceland. Afterwards, Fellows will attend appropriate project meetings, and CAFF Board meetings. As appropriate, Fellows will continue working with their CAFF programs to develop a final deliverable.

CAFF-IASC Required Travel

During their appointment, at a minimum, both CAFF-IASC Fellows will be expected to attend the following meetings:

  • Arctic Science Summit Week 2020 (27-30 April 2020; Akureyri, Iceland)
  • One CAFF working group meeting (TBD)
  • CAFF Biennial meeting (February 2021)
  • Regular teleconferences for the project steering group

Travel support to attend meetings for each Fellow during their Fellowships will be made available through CAFF and IASC. The travel support is the only financial remuneration for the Fellows. Salary is not compensated for during the Fellowship.

CAFF-IASC Fellowship Deliverables

  • Fellows will help deliver reports and other communications products as identified by the project and/or CAFF Secretariat.
  • Fellows will deliver program feedback and evaluations on the Fellowship and may be asked to input into evaluations of their respective programs.
  • Fellows will identify, develop and finalize a deliverable that aims to enrich decision-making in their chosen respective projects.


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