Arctic Yearbook is international and interdisciplinary online publication that contains peer-reviewed scientific articles and political commentaries. This is the 7th edition of the Arctic Yearbook. It totals 644 pages, all open access, and includes 33 peer-reviewed articles and 7 Briefing Notes on issues including sustainable development, the Arctic as an emerging markets, the Polar Silk Road, and the Russian development & the environment.

"This year’s Arctic Yearbook theme, “Arctic Development, In Theory and In Practice” is dedicated to better understanding development in the Arctic region: how can we improve the well-being and prosperity of the residents of the Arctic? What kind of development do we want, and how can it be practically achieved? Development is multifaceted; so too is the scholarly focus of the 2018 Arctic Yearbook. The articles in this volume approach these questions from a variety of geographic, epistemological, and theoretical perspectives", describes the Editor of the Arctic Yearbook, professor Lassi Heininen.

The Arctic Yearbook is a result of collaboration between Northern Research Forum and the UArctic Thematic Network on Geopolitics and Security.

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