The Model Arctic Council (MAC) is an experiential learning exercise, in which graduate and advanced undergraduate students from different disciplines and universities all over the Arctic region come together to simulate the work of the Arctic Council. The Council is the primary forum for international cooperation and environmental protection in the Arctic; its working groups contribute to knowledge creation on the Arctic and its fragile ecosystem.

The Model Arctic Council will engage graduate and advanced undergraduate students from universities in the Arctic states, and possibly from some Arctic Council observer countries, to simulate the work and processes of the Arctic Council and its working groups. In the simulation each student will represent her/his assigned Arctic Council role – representing either one of Member States, or Permanent Participants or Observer countries – together with 1-2 other students as a delegation.

The Model Arctic Council 2018 simulation will closely deal with the aspects, priorities and project areas of a new Arctic Council Strategy, which is under preparation during Finland’s Chairmanship of the Arctic Council (2017-2019), and should be launched at the ministerial meeting in spring 2019. The final theme of The Model Arctic Council 2018 will be decided later.

The main objective is to simulate an international negotiation situation on fundamental issues current and relevant for the Arctic region and its inhabitants, so students learn about both the pressing issues the Arctic faces and about the Arctic Council itself.

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