Entries focus on key concepts relating to both regions, important figures, findings, and research as well as historic and contemporary topics, such as research stations, territorial disputes, indigenous groups, major expeditions and explorations, mammals, birds, important landmarks and locations, major Arctic river systems, and more. Entry essays vary in length between 500-2,500 words, with a number of sidebars (around 200 words).

The book will be geared toward our target audience of high school students--those with little background knowledge on the topics. Sample entries include: Antarctic Circle; Antarctic Peninsula; Aurora Australis; Blue whale; James Cook; Elephant seal; Emperor penguin; Enderby Land; Erebus crystal; Expedition tourism; Glacier; Humpback whale; Hans Island Dispute; Ice cap; Ice sheet; Ice shelf; Leopard seal; McMurdo Station; Nimrod Expedition; Operation Deep Freeze; Orca; Research stations; Ribbon Seal; Snow petrel; Spectacled Porpoise; Territorial claims; Transantarctic Mountains; Vinson Massif; Vostok Station; Weddlel Sea; Zackenberg Research Station, and many more.

If you are interested in contributing, please send the following information: full name, title, institutional affiliation, mailing address, email, and 2-page CV to Andrew Hund M.A., Ph.D. (Editor) at: polarregionsencyclopedia@gmail.com