UArctic RectorsThe Declaration states: "Our belief is that building of capacity, both within indigenous communities and the societies in the North in general, is a main tool to achieve a sustainable region. Such sustainability, hence also the perspectives of capacity, must include adequate efforts that cover the totality of human and societal needs for all. Such efforts challenge higher education institutions to engage in all societal domains: the cultural, the social, the economic, the technological, and the ecological domains."

An important contribution to this year's Rectors' Forum was the parallel Student Forum that brought together students from across the UArctic network. The significance of this contribution is recognized in the inclusion of the recommendations of the Student Forum in the full  Declaration, supported by the university rectors and presidents. These recommendations include specific ways to increase UArctic's visibility and relevance to students and to develop more inclusive knowledge sharing practices in partnership with local communities.

The student declaration concludes:

"Only through understanding can there be respect. In light of the aforementioned ideas and recommendations, we believe that increased visibility of UArctic is vital in order for the concerns surrounding education and research to be realized. Specifically, providing northerners with the adequate tools and support to guide, direct and conduct research in the Arctic. Finally, ensuring that UArctic interface is user-friendly in order for all northerners to contribute meaningfully to knowledge creation across the Circumpolar North."

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