- Geodesy and space geodesy
- Climate research in the troposphere and stratosphere
- Surface phenomena, snow and ice
- Air quality research and arctic pollution
- Marine and terrestrial biology
- Multidisciplinary environmental sciences

Please note that this is the last Call for Proposals within this program. Therefore, all of the fieldwork in Ny-Alesund has to be fulfilled in 2010 and not beyond.

ARCFAC is part of the Ny-Alesund Research Infrastructure facility, run by several countries. Information about ongoing research in Ny-Alesund can be obtained by contacting the Svalbard Science Forum (http://www.ssf.npolar.no/pages/start.htm) or in the "Research in Svalbard" database (http://www.ssf.npolar.no/pages/database.htm).

Applicants must use the online application form, and submit a proposal using the online template. For more information, including eligibility criteria, project proposal content, terms of access, and funding, please go to the program's website at: http://arcfac.npolar.no.

Proposals must be submitted by 30 September 2009.

For further information, please go to:

Or contact the ARCFAC Secretariat at:
Phone: +47-7902-2611
Email: arcfac@npolar.no