The Rector of the Yakutsk State University Anatoliy Nickolayevich Alexeev welcomed the partners from the Arctic countries.

photo3The rector presented the activities of the Sakha State University and particulary talked about the BCS students and those students who have taken part in exchange programs. Anatoliy Alexeev noticed that the students come back from these countries full of positive emotions and impressions, which they are eager to share with their friends, and other students.

Mr Andy Greenhaw, the Vice-Chair of the Board underlined that he has heard a lot of the beauty and kulture of Yakutia and innovative activity of the Sakha University. Mr Greenshaw expressed his enjoyment of the first days in the republic as well as the satisfaction of the content and tempo of the development of the Strategic Plan of UArctic. It is important that the plan concerns the training of new professionals with relevant qualifications for the conditions of the North.

Photo2Lars Kullerud the President of UArctic, having visited the republic for several times expressed his hope for further fruitful cooperation. It was his idea and success that the Board of Governors visited Sakha (Yakutia). The same day the guests had a welcoming dinner with the Rector of Sakha State University. During the dinner the guests had an opportunity to communicate in an informal way and enjoyed the ethnographic costumes of Svetlana Petrova and modern national costumes of Augustina Philippova. The evening ended with national dance which were joined by all of the Board members.

The delegation continues its work according to the plan. The Board also visited the Agricultural Academy and Arctic Colledge of Culture and Arts; went sightseeing and visited museums; The guests left the republic for Moscow on the 2nd of June, there in Moscow they were welcomed by the Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Federation Michail Nickolayev.

Members of the delegation:

Andy Greenshaw
Lars Kullerud
Rune Ryden
Jan Henry Keskitalo
Erling Olsen
Lauri Lantto
Barry Scherr
William Kaufmann
Klaudia Fedorova
Outi Snellman
Mikkel Berg
Mauri Yla-Kotola
Pierre-Andre Forest
Ulla Nilsson