UQAT is proud to invite you to the 17th Inuit Studies Conference, the theme of which will be The Inuit
and the Aboriginal World. We would like to suggest an exploration of the sub-theme of relations
between the Inuit peoples and the other Aboriginal peoples around the world, in particular their
neighbours, the First Nations, the Inuvialuit and the Samí. Organizations which represent the Inuit
(Inuit Circumpolar Conference, Greenland Home Rule, Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, Makivik Corporation
and others) have a determining role to play in the future of these peoples and their interactions have
local, regional, and international consequences The further sub-themes of education, teacher
training and academic success are also proposed in order to establish a connection with current
leadership, as well as with the leadership of tomorrow, upon which the future of the Inuit will be

The call for proposals by interested presenters will soon be open. Please check our website at the
address below over the coming weeks, for more information: http://www.uqat.ca/isc-cei-2010

Suzy Basile, M.A.
Aboriginal Project Manager
suzy.basile@uqat.ca or 1 (819) 874-3837, ext. 336
Toll free: 1-866-891-8728