Hi! My name is Daria, I am from Russia. I am the 3rd year student of Yakutsk State University, I study in the English Philology department. I believe that learning foreign languages is very interesting and exciting process, so I really enjoy studying! The interest in Arctic was imported by my mother, as she is ecologist; she had great influence on me. I have been involved, in the best sense of this word, in the world of nature since my early childhood. I used to observe natural processes, I followed my mother to expeditions, I was really delighted by all that. And even the book, titled “Species of Butterflies of Yakutia” was my favorite one in childhood! So, I can say that I am interested in Arctic, and moreover, I want to study it deeply. When I heard about the University of the Arctic, I thought that it is the very thing I needed.

Burnasheva DariaI have been taking BCS courses for 2 years. I participate in Online Courses, and I like it very much, I don’t only learn much about the Arctic, but experience a lot which is useful for me. There is a communication and discussion with others, improving my skills of writing and understanding; I learn to express my opinion, and even how to write references! BCS is very different from my experiences as a student. I feel more free, I am sure that my opinion will be heard, there is a great field for self-realization and much opportunities. And there is a greater responsibility, because I represent not only myself as a student, but my university, my republic and my country.

Last year I took part in an exchange program and studied one semester in Norway. It was the greatest experience in my life! I learnt so much useful and gained knowledge which I cannot get in my university. It was the real-life experience, which I will never forget.

I should advise students who were interested in BCS, to take them up, because it is the very thing we all need, as we live in the North. I believe that everyone who lives in the North should know about his environment, the history of the Arctic and contemporary issues and problems of it. It is necessary today.

I enjoyed studying the Arctic, I learnt a lot, and even I live in the North, I opened a new world – the world of Arctic. And this world is wonderful!

BCS made me determine myself as a part of one big community, one environment, one mentality, one Arctic! I wish that everyone who lives in the North could feel the same!

My name is Sergey Sivtsev. I’m from Namsky Ulus, Republic Sakha (Yakutia), Russia. I study at Faculty sergey_sivtsevof Biology and Geography of Yakutsk State University. I’m a prospect ecologist. I enjoy my studies very much. Especially I am interested in natural sciences. I like to study nature of the native place. As our republic is located in the Arctic region which unites many countries with a similar environment and problems, I started to be interested in Arctic. This semester I have had a chance to take courses BCS 100: Introduction to the Circumpolar World of the University of Arctic. I participate in Online Courses for the first time, and I like it very much. Such courses are absolutely different from usual study at the university. There is no direct contact to the teacher and to other students. I think that Online Courses are very useful, fascinating and interesting. It has given me much knowledge of Arctic regions. I am sure that it will be very useful for me in the future, as I am intending to take part in the exchange progra