Scientists and students are invited to share and develop knowledge on the impact and meaning of increased cooperation, social encounters, communication, and globalization in the North. The conference is also being offered as a PhD course, where participating students can earn  five European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) credits.
People throughout the vast areas of the North today solve common problems and develop visions for their societies by communicating across regional and state borders. The situation is characterized by ethnic diversity and major cultural, economic, political, and social differences, especially between northwestern Russia and the Scandinavian countries. In many respects, living conditions and life situations differ strongly in geographical and historical terms. Life
 experiences differ between generations - those who lived within the reality of the Iron Curtain and the young generation accustomed to global forms of communication and ideas and expectations, which are not framed by the old borders and images of borders.
The conference is meant to foster the formation of new knowledge and to challenge many of the traditional conceptions about growing up and living in the North. By combining perspectives, by looking across sectoral divisions, and with a strong focus on involving not only the corporate sector and public authorities but also citizens and civil society in northern development issues, the conference should produce both valuable insights for practitioners and also stimulate increased research efforts in scientific communities.
Northern Encounters is a cooperation between Citizenship, Encounters and Place Enactment in the North (CEPIN), a research school in the Faculty of Social Sciences at University of Tromso; the research project "Globalization from Below? Localized Transformations in a Northern Perspective," coordinated by the Department of Planning and Community Studies and funded by the Norwegian Research Council; and Changing Identities in the Barents Region, an interdisciplinary network project funded by the Barents Secretariat and NordForsk.
Registration Deadline: 1st of May 2007 (can be postponed under special circumstances)
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