With the assistance from Olga Haurinen and Heli Kinnunen web pages have been searched and the Thematic Network’s office has gathered a list of approximately 500 global change courses over the Circumpolar North. However, the list is not complete with some information lacking, and therefore a questionnaire will be been sent to all UArctic member organization’s deans or students affairs offices. The questionnaire also asks whether the member organizations will allow their courses to be listed in a UArctic course catalogue or not.

The survey is the first step in one of the Thematic Network on Global Change in the Arctic’s goals to identify and make public a catalogue of existing global change, impacts, and adaptation education courses in UArctic’s member institutions.

The results of the survey will be analyzed in an upcoming workshop May 30-31, 2006, in Rovaniemi, Finland. The gaps in educational opportunities and needs for curriculum development in various areas on Global Change education will be identified. The work will continue in curriculum development, and will produce 2-3 new courses to fill the most obvious gaps in the global change curriculum.

Our sincere hope is that UArctic members take part with the survey and new curriculum development and share the knowledge of the existing global change courses.

More information:
Kirsi Latola, coordinator/Thematic Networks Programme Coordinator
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email: Kirsi.latola@uarctic.org