Murmansk Arctic State University


Murmansk Arctic State University is the northernmost university of Russia as well as one of the smallest Russian Flagship universities. University campuses are located in three cities: Murmansk - the biggest city of circumpolar world as well as the largest Arctic deep-sea port, and Apatity / Kirovsk - mining- and tourism-specified towns at the center of Kola Peninsula, surrounded by ancient Khibiny mountains.

MASU offers a wide range of training programs and research activities in the fields of social issues and humanities, environmental and biological sciences, creativity and entrepreneurship, IT and hard industries, etc. 

In 2021, MASU was recognized as the leading university in research quality located in the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

Facts and figures

Year Established 1939
Total Number of Staff 340
Number of Academic Staff 220
Number of Students 2100
Focus Areas

Education and Social issues

Northern history and culture

Arctic environment and biology

Geology and ore-mining

Arctic design and urban studies

Big data



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Fields of Study Offered Teacher training and education science (broad programmes)
Craft skills
Humanities (broad programmes)
Social and behavioural science (broad programmes)
Journalism and reporting
Business and administration (broad programmes)
Law (broad programmes)
Life science (broad programmes)
Physical science (broad programmes)
Mathematics and statistics (broad programmes)
Computing (broad programmes)
Mechanics and metal work
Electricity and energy
Electronics and automation
Chemical and process
Mining and extraction
Architecture and town planning
Health (others)
Social services (broad programmes)
Hotel, restaurant and catering
Travel, tourism and leisure
Environmental protection (broad programmes)