Pskov State University


Pskov State University (PskovSU) is one of the 33 key regional universities in Russia. It is located in the city of Pskov - one of the oldest Russian cities, just an hour ride from the Russian border with Latvia and Estonia (European Union).

The university serves is a center of academic activity, which empowers educational, cultural, and scientific life in the Pskov Region.

Pskov region has a unique geographical location sharing borders with 3 states (Estonia, Latvia, and Belarus). It is a strategic center for cooperation between Russia and the European Union (especially the Baltic region countries).

Pskov State University offers studies at:

  • Institutes:
    • The Institute for Medicine and Experimental Biology
    • The Institute for Engineering Sciences
    • The Institute for Mathematical Modelling and Game Studies
    • The Institute for Humanities and Language Communication
    • The Institute for Law, Economics and Management
    • The Institute for Education and Social Sciences
  • PskovSU College
  • The Institute for Lifelong learning
  • Center for the Russian Language and Culture (has made it to the Top-13 in Russia)

PskovSU is aiming at integration into the global educational space via domestic and international mobility of students and faculty; it has numerous cooperation agreements with foreign universities and has implemented more than 30 large-scale international projects over the past 5 years.

The University’s main objective is to empower the region's economy by enhancing the higher education programs and additional professional programs in the field of business and economy; to align the educational programs with European standards and the needs of the labour market in the Pskov region and beyond.

Facts and figures

Year Established 2011
Total Number of Staff 1530
Number of Academic Staff 617
Number of Students 11118
Focus Areas

The research is carried out in 30 areas that belong to nine academic fields: Physics and Mathematics, Biology, Technology, History, Economy, Linguistics, Education, Psychology, and Geoscience.

Latest programs

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