Norwegian University of Science and Technology

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is Norway’s largest university with a history dating back to 1910. We have 42,000 students and 7,400 full-time equivalent employees. 9 per cent of our students and more than 20 per cent of our scientific staff are international. NTNU has headquarters in Trondheim and campuses in Gjøvik and Ålesund, and offices in Brussels and Tokyo.

NTNU is a comprehensive public university offering graduate and professional studies within our main profile natural science and technology (we graduate 75 per cent of the sivilingeniører (Master of Science) in Norway), and within an academic breadth that includes the humanities and aesthetic disciplines, social sciences, educational sciences, economics, business and administration, medicine, health sciences, architecture, entrepreneurship, and artistic activities. Students can choose between 400 programmes of study. NTNU has two Centres of Excellence in Higher Education, and are committed to innovative education, especially increased use of learning methods with active student involvement and digitization.

Trondheim is renowned for being the most popular student city in Norway with its plethora of cultural and social activities. ISFiT – International Student Festival in Trondheim, is the world’s largest student festival and takes place every second year. Gjøvik is known for its rich music and cultural life, and the beautiful nature surrounding the city is ideal for an active outdoor life. Ålesund, with its Art Nouveau architecture, is situated in a region that is famous for its spectacular high mountains and blue fjords.

NTNU concentrate on 4 interdisciplinary strategic areas of research; Energy, Health, Oceans and Sustainability, and also have strategic initiatives in Biotechnology, Digital and Nano. NTNU host the Kavli Institute of Systems Neuroscience, and in 2014, the NTNU professors and brain researchers May-Britt Moser and Edvard Moser were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

NTNU host or is partner for 24 national centres of research excellence and elite centres for research-based innovation. We have extensive collaboration with national and international industries on education, research and innovation. Our closest partner is SINTEF, one of Europe’s largest independent research institutes. Together, NTNU and SINTEF are responsible for 6 national research centres for environment-friendly energy, and jointly operate several of NTNU’s more than 120 large and small laboratories for teaching and research.

NTNU creates knowledge for a better world, and solutions that can change everyday life.

Facts and figures

Year Established 1996
Total Number of Staff 7400
Number of Academic Staff 4700
Number of Students 42000
Focus Areas
  • Energy
  • Oceans
  • Health
  • Sustainability
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