Arctic Art and Design

The Arctic Art and Design master’s programme is located at the intersection of art and design, utilizing the dynamics of both fields. The programme is characterized by a human-centred approach by examining and applying methods from user-centric approach and co-design to participatory approach in visual arts. The studies introduce and projects address issues related to the Arctic and the circumpolar north, thus creating a challenging environment for the student to foster ability for creative and innovative solutions.

As a student in the Arctic Art and Design master’s program, you will be at the intersection of art and design, gaining knowledge and skills based in applied visual arts and service design. You will develop expertise in the themes of art and design for extreme affordability, focusing on need-finding of the users, user empathy, user-centred design, rapid prototyping and iteration, and collaborative dynamics and issues of social design, as well as expertise in emerging methods in visual arts, such as participatory approach. Further, you will learn in-depth skills and competencies in community-centred design and community and environment-based art in the context of the Arctic and the circumpolar north. You will also develop your skills in recognizing entrepreneurial opportunities as well as improve your portfolio presentation skills.

You will also acquire solid researcher’s skills through academic communication and methodological courses as well as the master’s thesis, which then allows you to continue research towards a doctoral degree.

Art, Design, Applied visual arts, Socially-engaged art, Arctic art and design, Participatory approach, Service design

Program details

Academic level(s)Master
Language of instructionEnglish
InstitutionUniversity of Lapland
Fields of studyDesignArts (others)
Tagscircumpolardesignservicevisual artsarts
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