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Welcome to the web-page of the Health and Well-being in the Arctic PhD programme.

Rapid change in livelihoods, economics, climate and environment is on-going in Northern areas. Human health and well-being is the result of the complex interaction of cultural, genetic, behavioral and environmental factors, and climate is a major, constantly changing component of that interaction. We need new researchers and experts also to the field of health and well-being.

The PhD programme offers specialization on Arctic health and well-being via special short courses, summer and winter schools to PhD and advanced Masters’ students. Students can register to the programme and hence achieve a number of benefits, including priority to admission to the courses.

Note that the programme is not a degree giving programme and all students have to be registered at a host university and follow their own university’s curriculum and requirements.

Program details

Academic level PhD
Country International
Language of instruction English
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Fields of study