The UArctic Field School Calendar is maintained in partnership with APECS, the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists, who maintain a parallel listing.

Listed courses include some kind of field component (field training, field work, excursions) which defines the course as a field school. To submit a course to the UArctic Field School Calendar, or if you have questions related to arranging field schools, please contact

Dates Course Name Location
14.06.2018 to 30.06.2018 Arctic Alaska Vegetation Summer Field Course Fairbanks, Alaska
05.06.2018 to 15.06.2018 International Summer School in Glaciology Wrangell Mountain Center
04.06.2018 to 10.06.2018 Calotte Academy: Discourses on the Arctic – (inter)disciplinary theories and methods of Arctic research Rovaniemi, Salla and Inari, Finland; Kirkenes and Neiden, Norway; Apatity, Lovozero and Murmansk, Russia
29.05.2018 to 09.06.2018 Arctic Coastal Environments in Rapid Transition Utqiaġvik, Alaska and Fairbanks, Alaska
14.05.2018 to 19.05.2018 International Summer School in Karelia (ISSK) Petrozavodsk, Russia
17.04.2018 to 27.04.2018 Polar Prediction School 2018 Abisko, Sweden
16.04.2018 to 20.04.2018 High North Dialogue Master Course: International perspectives on business and governance in the High North Bodø, Norway
16.04.2018 to 20.04.2018 High North Dialogue PhD Course: Governance in the High North, implications for Arctic private and public sector Bodø, Norway
01.04.2018 to 30.06.2018 Arcitc Nature and Society Copenhagen
02.03.2018 to 09.03.2018 International Arctic Field School "The Changing Cryosphere: From Sensors to Decision-making" Iqaluit, Nunavut
25.02.2018 to 03.03.2018 2018 Yukon Territory Winter Tourism Field School Yukon Territory
11.02.2018 to 17.02.2018 4th Snow Science Winter School Col du Lautaret, Station Alpine Joseph Fourier
01.01.2018 to 12.07.2018 Effects of climate change on Arctic livelihoods and living conditions Nuuk, Greenland and Reykjavík, Iceland
16.10.2017 to 22.10.2017 Security, Geopolitics, and Governance Challenges in relation to Arctic Extractive Industries Reykjavik and Akureyri
31.07.2017 to 05.08.2017 Summer school "The Arctic Ocean and the marginal ice zone" Longyearbyen, Svalbard
31.07.2017 to 12.08.2017 International Permafrost Summer Course University of Alaska Fairbanks
17.07.2017 to 21.07.2017 Connaught Summer Institute in Arctic Science: Atmosphere, Cryosphere, and Climate Nottawasaga Inn, Alliston, Ontario
10.07.2017 to 23.07.2017 International Summer School “Monitoring and early warnings in biodiversity governance” Krasnoyarsk, Russia
06.07.2017 to 15.07.2017 Korea Arctic Academy Busan, Korea
05.07.2017 to 17.07.2017 Arctic Ecology - Live In Interactions In The Midst Of Ice Zackenberg Research Station, Northeast Greenland, Kingdom of Denmark
05.07.2017 to 17.07.2017 Arctic Ecology - Live In Interactions In The Midst Of Ice Zackenberg Research Station, Northeast Greenland, Kingdom of Denmark
15.06.2017 to 16.06.2017 Methodology and legal science within the international Law of the sea Tromsö, Norway
14.06.2017 to 14.06.2017 Community based methods for sustainable development in the north Umeå University
12.06.2017 to 22.06.2017 Bergen Summer Research School 2017 - Global Challenges Bergen
01.06.2017 to 18.06.2017 Impilahti geological field course Impilahti, North Ladoga region, Russia
01.06.2017 to 31.08.2017 Geological mapping summer field camps Western Alps, North Norway, South-west Norway
15.05.2017 to 02.06.2017 Norway-Canada-USA collaboration Svalbard and Tromso
12.02.2017 to 18.02.2017 3rd Snow Science Winter School FMI Arctic Research Centre, Sodankylä
28.09.2016 to 30.09.2016 PhD Summer School “Ethics and Research in Small Populations in Changing Environment” Nuuk
28.08.2016 to 09.09.2016 Vienna Arctic Summer School Vienna, Austria
24.08.2016 to 03.09.2016 Interdisciplinary Summer School “Boreal wetlands: from plant biodiversity and ecophysiology to biogeochemical cycles and greenhouse gases budgets” Yugra State University, Khanty-Mansiysk, and Mukhrino Field Station
08.08.2016 to 20.08.2016 PhD Field Course on Advanced Climate Dynamics Newfoundland, Canada
02.08.2016 to 12.08.2016 Innovative Learning Institute for Circumpolar Health Northern Saskatchewan, Canada
01.08.2016 to 15.08.2016 Taiga forest ecosystem on permafrost: Role of permafrost zone in a global change Spasskaya Pad station, Yakutia, Russia
01.08.2016 to 19.08.2016 Russian Language and Culture in Siberia Yakutsk, Russia
01.08.2016 to 06.08.2016 Barents Summer School 2016: Towards Sustainable Communities in the Barents Region Oulanka Research Station, Kuusamo, Finland
19.07.2016 to 01.08.2016 Lena Pillars Summer Eco-Geographical School Lena Pillars Nature Park, Yakutia
11.07.2016 to 23.07.2016 IARC Summer School: Modeling of the Arctic Climate System Fairbanks and road-accessible sub-Arctic and Arctic regions
11.07.2016 to 04.08.2016 Environmental Change in the High Arctic Landscape of Svalbard Svalbard
25.06.2016 to 05.08.2016 A Changing Arctic summer school Oslo, Norway
13.06.2016 to 24.06.2016 Bergen Summer Research School 2016: Water, Climate and Society Bergen, Norway
06.06.2016 to 19.08.2016 Summer Russian language programme, 4 weeks Petrozavodsk, Russia
06.06.2016 to 19.08.2016 Summer Russian language programme, 8 weeks Petrozavodsk, Russia
06.06.2016 to 26.08.2016 Summer Russian language programme, 12 weeks Petrozavodsk, Russia
01.06.2016 to 15.06.2016 Arctic Alaska Environmental Change: Field Excursion to the North Slope Alaska's North Slope, Fairbanks area
27.05.2016 to 01.07.2016 Collaborative Arctic Summer School in Epidemiology (CASE) Alaska
25.01.2016 to 05.02.2016 FEFU School of Engineering "Ice Mechanics" Annual International Winter Course Vladivostok, Russky Island's Novik Bay
05.09.2015 to 19.09.2015 Forest Summer School 2015 Syktyvkar, Komi Republic
31.08.2015 to 11.09.2015 Jean Monnet Summer School on European Union and the Law of the Sea Imperia, Italy
16.08.2015 to 29.08.2015 International Volcanological Field School in Kamchatka Mutnovsky and Gorely volcanoes, Kamchatka, Russia
12.08.2015 to 15.08.2015 Post-graduate summer school "Change and Continuation in the Arctic" Aalborg, Denmark
10.08.2015 to 28.08.2015 Summer School in Game Development Turku, Finland
02.08.2015 to 14.08.2015 Nomadic PhD Summer School "Field Experiences in Northwest Russia" (FENOR ) Several locations in the Russian North
02.08.2015 to 08.08.2015 Business Practice in Norway: Sustainable Business Practices in the High North Bodø, Norway
06.07.2015 to 19.07.2015 International Summer School 2015 “Modern Challenges in Economic Science and Practice” Krasnoyarsk, Russia
12.06.2015 to 03.07.2015 International Bachelor Permafrost Summer Field School Longyearbyen, Svalbard
06.06.2015 to 08.06.2015 Summer School on Circumpolar Health: Focus on Future Health and Wellbeing Oulu, Finland
01.06.2015 to 03.06.2015 Summer course: Viking Culture, Shetland Lerwick, Shetland
20.05.2015 to 04.06.2015 International Summer School in Social Work: Social Work from a Global Perspective Rovaniemi, Finland
16.05.2015 to 22.05.2015 Summer course: A Window on Iona Iona, Scotland
28.03.2015 to 03.04.2015 Field course on Harvesting the Sea – Innovation and Sustainability Reykhólar, Iceland
22.03.2015 to 27.03.2015 Field course on Innovations in Aquaculture Tálknafjörður, Iceland
16.03.2015 to 30.03.2015 Russian Arctic Norwegian Winter School 2 Murmansk region, Russia
13.02.2015 to 20.02.2015 Arctic Science Field School - Snow Covered Sea Ice Nuuk, Greenland
12.01.2015 to 25.01.2015 Russian Arctic Norwegian Winter School Murmansk region, Russia
07.01.2015 to 06.02.2015 European Research Course on Atmospheres Grenoble, France
18.08.2014 to 31.08.2014 Summer school “Prospects for Sustainable Development of the Oil-Producing Region of Yugra” Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia
07.06.2013 to 20.06.2013 International Volcanological Field School in Katmai Katmai National Park, Alaska
03.07.2012 to 31.07.2012 Icelandic Field School Capital city of Reykjavik, and the Westfjords, July 2012 + pre-trip sessions
03.07.2012 to 31.07.2012 Icelandic Field School Iceland - Reykjavik, Akureyri, the east fjords and the west fjord region.
03.07.2012 to 14.07.2012 Polar Marine Ecology Summer Course II Churchill Northern Studies Centre, Manitoba, Canada
30.06.2012 to 30.07.2012 Russian Field School Moscow and the Komi Republic, Russia
29.06.2012 to 12.07.2012 Joint Science Education Project Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
25.06.2012 to 13.07.2012 IPY Polar Field School 2012 Svalbard, Norway
10.06.2012 to 20.06.2012 International Summer School in Glaciology McMarthy, Alaska, USA
10.06.2012 to 21.06.2012 Permafrost modelling in the Nordic region Oslo and Southern Norway
07.06.2012 to 20.06.2012 Arctic Vegetation Ecology Excursion 201 Irving I
25.04.2012 to 07.05.2012 Fate of the Arctic spring bloom
01.03.2012 to 07.03.2012 Kola Peninsula Excursion Classroom and field


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